I practice Anma, Swedish, Sports, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Reiki. Often times I use all of the above modalities in a massage. My specialty is a two-hour massage (usually for business people in high stress jobs or athletes preparing for a competition). My goal is to provide you with the therapeutic massage you need/request.

Japanese Hot Stone Massage is based on Anma, the oldest form of Eastern Asian Massage. This type of massage helps relieve stress caused by modern lifestyles and occupations by balancing the ki (body energy) to restore and improve health. It is one of the most powerful, therapeutic treatments, not only as a form of massage, but as a traditional art and ancient wisdom.

By adding Hot Stones, it applies an efficient and effective way to heal and reduce muscle tension. Follow the links above to learn more.

Cheri M Roulet | Licensed Massage Therapist | OR #7584 | (503) 701-7072


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